Hookup culture – Why it hurts women?

Hookups in the past were all about dating, love, relationship, soulmates, and so forth. In current times, a new trend has emerged involving casual sex, one night stands without the need of having any emotional strings or love attached, giving us the hookup culture. In other words, called a non-relationship sex. It particularly is popular among the young adults; most especially college students. Initially, such encounters happened randomly for instance in parks, in a bookstore or restrooms. However, mobile phones and dating sites have led to the rising of the hookup culture.


There are a variety of reasons as to why there is a preference to such kinds of agreements ranging from instant physical satisfaction, fulfillment of emotional needs or even using it as a means of finding a long-term soulmate. However, the last reason actually rarely happens, or if it does, time is far much gone. Another reason that fuels this non-relationship sex is for bragging rights. This is mostly for the men so that they get to keep scores of how many hits got. Sexual gratification is achieved, just not in a love-relationship setting. That being said, the hookup culture is quite a downset, especially for the ladies. “Men have sex with you cause they can, women have sex with you because they want to”, sad but true. Women are mostly motivated by love. Their effort to stay cool per se is more forced and consequentially end up getting hurt emotionally. Most of those who would rather have a one night stand is never looking for love or dating.

Sad student girl

Dating sites are also in the rise for the adult hookups. These, however, are dependent on the specifications put u so as to get a suitable match or a perfect partner. Adult hookups also involve drugs and alcohol since most people would otherwise be uncomfortable hooking up sober. Hookup culture is like hunting. You are not interested in finding a perfect match or a soulmate. Men, the gender that is mostly affected, only want an orgasm, no love no relationship.


Sadly, before women discern the real intentions of a match they got online, their supposed soulmate is running away from a relationship she had created in her head. Sex is what the body can get, love is all in the mind. A minor reason that the female gender will get hurt is the fact casual sex engaged in will get them names like whores. The norm that ladies ought to be in love with their soulmates in relationships leaves them judged. Adult hookups also consist of paid hookups. Such kinds end up with the women mostly being molested or physically abused. However, the hookup culture needs to be diminished as age progresses. Most of the adult hookups or this hookup culture sees relationships as a complicated affair. By the time they are ready for dating or a relationship, they are unsure of where to start.


Hookup culture is hurting women by corrupting relationships and dating norms known. However, not all fail to find their match.

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