Drive him crazy and make him wish he had you back

Do you have that one ex that you just refuse to get over? You know deep down in your heart that one day you’ll be back together again because you two were soulmates. Getting him to notice you again since you two broke up tends to be the tricky part at first, but i’m here to tell you 3 ways to make him go crazy about you again.

  1. Be happy


I know it’s super cheesy, but the phrase “A smile is your most beautiful feature” is true for most men. Let him see you enjoying the things in your life that you’re most passionate about. Whether it’s getting in some serious reps at the gym, or hanging with your squad. Show him you don’t need him to be happy. You are happy with you, yourself, and you. That will drive him insane, and he’ll want in on the happy action.


If doing this doesn’t get you the intended results right away, rest assured knowing that doing or finding what makes you happy isn’t a waste of your precious time. If you being happy doesn’t drive your ex crazy immediately, it will when other guys begin to notic your gorgeous, happy smile.

  1. Don’t let him know what you’re up to


Yes, you want him to see that you;re happy, but at the same time, you don’t want him to know you’re every move right now. You want to keep him guessing. Make him wonder if maybe another man is entertaining your time, or maybe you’ve gone off to do some world traveling, or maybe you’re just perfectly content and happy alone doing your thing. Either way, he’ll have no idea what you’re up to, and it will drive him nuts wondering all the time.

Men love the chase. They are natural hunters. Keeping them guessing and on their toes will only heighten those instincts, even more, driving them right back in your direction to find out where in the world you’ve been and what you might have been up to.

  1. Don’t text or call him back immediately


That’s great if you two still keep in contact, even if minimally. That means he’s still interested at least. Making the rest of the process that much easier for you. If you are typically on top of keeping in touch with everyone, he included that means he expects you to respond within a very short time frame, always. Catch him off guard by waitting a few hours, or even a day or two to respond to text or phone call (if it’s not emergent of course)

After a long-term or even just short-term serious relationship, your ex got used to you responding right away. They may think that they have that as a permanent amenity whether they’re in a relationship with you or not. Show them you have better things to do than texting them constantly or always returning their calls right away. This ties perfectly into my second point. You not texting them constantly will keep them guessing what it is you might be up to these days, which will most definitely drive them crazy.

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