How to hook up with a girl like a gentleman

Despite what your local pastor might tell you, purely sexual relationships are not some kind of abstract evil; ourselves and making us feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Not every single sexual encounter we have needs to be followed up by romance and flowers. Our society has merely intertwined the two concepts due to centuries of strange tradition. However, in the modern age, we understand that casual sex is just a way for two people to have some risque fun, where both benefit and have a great time.


Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen. Far too often one person in the hookup gets the short end of the stick, feeling used or foolish forever going through with the hookup in the first place. These negative emotions usually stem from one partner not realizing that just because the casual hookup is just for sex, the person they’re hooking up with is still a person and that they still have very real emotions that are affected by the actions of people around them. Nobody wants to make their partner sad, right? After all, casual sex is all about making everyone happy. If you want to hook up like a true gentleman, you need to follow some guide rules.

First things first, if you’re searching for a lover at the local watering hole, try not to get too wasted. We’re not ourselves when we’re boozed up, and you might end up saying something that will either compromise your hookup or just make your partner feel worthless. Not to mention, when you’re revved up, your sexual performance goes way down, and nothing’s gonna chase her out of your bed quicker than someone who’s too drunk to get it on.


Secondly, don’t be so direct when propositioning your dame. That stigma of casual sex is a bad thing still lingers to this day, and you’re just going to look like a huge tool outright asking someone if they want to bang you. You should put the work in to show this girl that they are special by putting in the work to seduce them proper with charming comebacks and a subtle allure. Making them feel special doesn’t just make them want you more, but it also makes them feel good about themselves on the inside, and frankly, asking them to feel good about themselves should always be a gentleman’s first goal.


If you happen to be a Casanova yourself and have different women over at your residence frequently, make sure not to leave traces of your previous hookups, such as forgotten makeup or hairs that are quite obviously yours, just lying around for other girls to see when they come over. Like we discussed, they want nothing more than to feel special, like they’re the one girl who was pretty and charming enough to catch your eye that night. Perhaps it isn’t true, and in the back of their mind, there’s no doubt they know that they’re not the only girl that you’ve ever brought back to your abode, but it doesn’t have to be up in their face. Make them feel special, not like another two-bit whore you drug in from the street.


In short, even if it’s just a casual hookup, treat every woman you bring back to bed with you with respect and class, and though you may never see her again after tonight, make this one night special for her. This world can be a sad, lonely place sometimes, but you can take comfort in knowing that you put some positivity out there by making someone feel like a million bucks.

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