Brilliant questions you should ask a guy before you fall in love

“Love comes so slow but goes so fast”.

This is a statement that can help you think about the prize of falling into a relationship with a soulmate. Relationships for teenagers and adults serve as a solution for the unheard challenges in life.

Due to the need to have a someone who loves you, you are forced to start looking for love. Most times, you are motivated by your own personal preferences that are descriptive enough on the kind of perfect match you want. However, it is a big challenge to know the perfect guy who you can fall for since everyone wants to show the best even by pretending to be good so as to get a soulmate.

When you meet and start dating a guy who you feel a very strong attraction and affection to, you always have lots of questions to ask him right off the bat so as to enable you to understand and figure out what the guy is really looking for. Most times, if the two of you feel contented, compatible and comfortable for dating and under the circumstances that the guy has seen you falling in love and being in a committed relationship with over the course of time that you are in the relationship.


Despite the fact that majority of us are in relationships, dating soulmates who we feel are our perfect match, less than 90 percent of us did not take the relevant and necessary precautions before falling in love. This is only achieved through a  systematic and brilliant way of posting questions that can enable you to explore the reasoning and expectations of a guy who you want to love.

To achieve a successful relationship, you need to structure good questions which will help your guy figure out things from a broader perspective as well as enabling you to make the guy feel even more deeply attached to you than he is already beginning to.


The following are the best questions you must never forget to ask a guy before falling in love with him:

1. Are you serious?

This question may seem simple and it can surprise you, however, guys become so deeply attached and moved when they take a glance and feel your vulnerability. You might not be free to show him but I assure you that this works perfectly.

This is a question that you need to structure in a very playful and inviting way, and it is not really a question to ask a guy on the first date. There is the need to build a connection first before you get the acceptability and the sense of humor to harbor this question.

Once you ask the question, it will open up the guy’s mind to brilliant and new ways of looking at you and the relationship that you intend to build.

Asking if the guy is serious gives a very clear signal that you are willingly and fervently considering being serious to the guy. It opens up the mind to possibilities and by merely posing such a brilliant yet simple question will get the guy thinking about the relationship in a quite serious way

2. Can you share little about your past?

This question helps you to understand the guy and will make you know his personality and character. This will help you know exactly what the guy is able to do and thus makes you have a strong base of ideas about how to make the relationship strong.

3. What are your expectations from the relationship?

This is a very brilliant way of getting to know the aspirations of a guy as well as opening up his mind of thought.

The answer to the question will enable you to rate the guy on a scoreboard and see if he is indeed your perfect match as everyone wants a soulmate who will make the relationship a great deal.

It is wise for you to consider asking the three key questions before falling in love. This enables you to get a strong start that will lead to a longer period of dating.

Dating a guy who is able to answer the above questions is equivalent to success in a relationship.

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