How to break up with someone you love so much

Relational abuse, narcissism, the difference in priorities, trust or money issues and boredom represent main explanations behind failed relationships. Of course, a major damaging factor refers to the lack of deep feelings for each other, but what happens when, even though two people are in love, they end up going separate ways?


Unfortunately, there are numerous signs that you should break up with your partner, despite investing a lot in the relationship, experiencing beautiful moments and sharing unforgettable memories together. Maybe you want to achieve different objectives and none of you is willing to make sacrifices, maybe you have minor differences that you cannot seem to resolve and you cannot urge your soulmate to change overnight, maybe you no longer want long – distance relationship although he or she might be the perfect match or maybe you are not getting what you expected from the relationship and a breakup might be the right move.

At the end of the day, if going separate ways is your final decision, then all that matters is to plan exactly how to break up with someone you love without hurting his or her feelings. Making such a huge step is not easy, especially considering that you have to express your thoughts and feelings personally. Ending a relationship through a text message or through silence represents an act of cowardice and it clearly shows disrespect towards the other person. If you enjoyed each other’s company for years, then a separation will be painful for both because you struggled to make it work during that whole time and there is no point in hiding your pain from each other. Instead, you should talk about it and make sure that you are not breaking up for the wrong reasons or make sure the partner fully understands the reasons behind the separation. Even if you want to stay friends, you have to be aware of the fact that it might not be possible if the other person needs some time alone to recover after the shock. Avoid asking for a break thinking that it will make the separation less emotional or it will allow your loved one to deal with the thought of you two going separate ways. It will only complicate things.

When breaking the news, it is important to choose the right moment and location. You do not want to have other people around compelled to express their opinions. Furthermore, if your match is in the middle of a crisis like experiencing serious problems in the family, you have to wait more time before verbalizing your intentions regarding your loving relationship. Since plenty of time passed since you began dating, your partner should know you by now so the conversation might not come as a surprise, but you should still prepare the other person for the peak of the conversation; do not approach him or her all of a sudden and blurt the news out. If you share the same apartment, then you have to make the necessary arrangements after having a long talk. Who is going to move out and who is going to continue living there? This is a decision that requires a calm discussion, regard from both parties and plenty of time for the person leaving the apartment to raise enough money and find another place. See more:


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