5 best dating website/app for serious relationship

Nowadays trends in seeking a partner and finding lifetime romance can be made easy through the evolving dating sites and apps. These engines help people find their matches through data collections and personality checks so they can provide you with the right partner that matches your standards of qualifications.

Some people may ask the fuck? Is dating online possible to make a long-term relationship? Is dating online a real romance? Or just a part-time hobby? Is dating online safe? What are the best and legit sites that can be trusted?

Well, we all know that finding a lifetime romance is 100% possible if we let ourselves dwell on the positive idea of “Give it a try, why not”…right? I guess you have agreed with me.

In this articles, I will share with you the top legit dating sites that most of the single people were addicted using of. There are many dating sites and apps that require you to sign up for free and let you pay for a membership so that they can manage and handle all your data in order to find you a good match, while some are just free and for fun.

With no further do, let’s start with the topmost usable dating site which is also available for download at google app (android) and ios.



Best recommended for international dating. It is a dating site founded by Iranian immigrants, awarded as the best dating app on iPhone users and was acknowledged as a top dating site for its advertising campaign. Zoosk is currently available in 80 countries and uses 25 languages for a better communication with its users. The site launches 11 years ago and uses best behavioral matchmaking engine through rigid data collection encoded by the user to help them find the right choice of partner that suits their standards. Later years the company received many awards and recognition that motivates them to upgrade the site into a mobile application and enhance its features like concise profiling to avoid posers and using fake accounts and photos. So if you’re looking for a perfect match with your specific standards then Zoosk is the right site for you.



Another well-known dating site is Match.com, from its signature you can already sense that it’s a matchmaking site that offers a wide dating service internationally. The site works for more than 80 countries but with just 8 international known languages. The site has its own feature called Match-stream where the site uses location to match people who are nearby to each other making real meetups possible. Users are also required to provide other personal details like photos, hobbies, etc. Which can add up for the engine to find a good match for them? If you’re looking for partners who are just meters away from your place then match.com is a good choice to use.



Among dating sites today, Tantan has the broad advertising campaign that leads 30 million users to download and actively participate in the dating feature service. The app makes you sign up for free, upload your profile photo and details then gives you all the recommendations to chat the active members who are online. The app is easy to use making them extra user-friendly to their Google app reviews, all you have to do is simple as to say “hi”, chat and make friends then you can privately choose to chat whom you gotta go flirt or date with. Simple and makes you on the go.



Simple American and Internationally based dating site that requires its users to sign up, do profiling and answer relative which can help them find their match through similar algorithms and matchmaking engines, According to some reviews OkCupid has a more reputable name than other dating sites because it provides a safe and nurturing process of social interactions to its loyal users. If you want some kind of a fun conservative way of finding a date, OkCupid is best recommended for young adults and serious partner seeker.

Last but not the least is the widely known;



A social network known for its dating-focused strategy that makes people meet, greet and chat. with all best different features the site was widely used and with their latest video chat and people nearby idea it even enhances the dating and meeting of users who live at the same state or location. All in all, Badoo is one of the top dating sites of 2018 that helps social interaction more fun and exciting.

These are my top 5 list of current legit dating sites of 2018. You can directly search and download them to try and be more precise with their unique features.

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