Signs your ex wants you back

We have all been there. You break up and you feel like someone just ripped out your heart. Time heals all wounds and you eventually find yourself moving forward. Then, you start to wonder if your ex wants to get back together or maybe you are just hoping for the best possible outcome for the relationship.

Here are some ways to know if your partner really wants to continue to date you.

You keep seeing them everywhere


If you go about your daily routine and just cannot seem to make a single move without running into your ex. It is a clear sign, that it is not a random act of fate, they are more than likely following you in hopes to get your attention or make it seem like the universe is pulling the two of you together! Of course, if you were to confront them about this, they would deny everything and say you are just being paranoid. If this has been happening to you, a sure way to find out if they are trying to get your attention is by speaking loudly on the phone about an event or location that is out of the normal for you and see if they show up “randomly making you both, again, in the same place”.

If they keep calling you to ask what you are doing or if you are seeing someone.


This is a huge deal. Ninety percent of the time an ex will not want to stay in contact with you and if they do it is because they still have feelings and care about you. If they are showing interest or poking around your new love life, this is a sure way to know that they are trying to find out as much information about them as a way to look into them and see what they are up against for competition. A good way to weed this out as someone who is just over caring is by telling them that you are seeing a few people here and there, but you are not sure if it is anything serious or not yet. Their reaction will tell it all. If they seem happy that you are not finding anything, then this means that they are wanting to be with you and hope they still might have a chance. If they seem sad that you have not found someone new, then this is just who they are as a person and the genuinely want to make sure that you are doing good and want you to be happy.

After a breakup, if your partner still stays in contact with your family, especially your parents.

If you hear that your ex is still speaking with your loved ones, this is a clear sign that they are not over you. They are trying to stay in hear shot to see what is going on in your personal life and who better to hear it from but your family. They want to stay on your parent’s good side just in case you ever do decide to give them another chance. A good way to test this theory is by telling your parents that you would be really thankful, if they withheld communication from your ex for a while, If your old flame gets upset about this news, it means that they are still interested and want to get back with you. If they take the news well, then they might have just developed a strong relationship with your family and they did not want to lose them as well.

If you are unsure if your ex was really your soulmate, it is a good idea to sit down and have a strong conversation with them. If they are mature and well rounded, this will be a simple way to figure out if they truly are your perfect match! When it comes to love, being open and honest with one another is the ultimate way to keep a strong relationship growing. If they are not sure what they want, it is time for you to move on and find someone who does not make you question yourself!

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