Who gets over a breakup faster: Men or Women?

Breakups can be very painful and stressful for both of the partners. Some breakups end with tears or with nasty quarrels between partners. When the breakup happens, it is a big question which one of the partners will better deal with a breakup, and get over it faster.

Several studies show that men, more than women, suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety after the breakup. They might look stronger than women, and more cold-blooded, but the real truth is that after the end of relationship men are most likely and quickly to fall into despair. Consequences of failed relationships leave a bigger mark on men than on women, and the only way out of that situation is open communication with friends and members of the family. To support this statement, the latest research gives us some facts about men’s behavior after the relationship breakup.

Men usually hide their pain


For the average man, the first thing that comes to his mind after the breakup, is to go out with his mates and drink alcohol as much as he can. Other groups of men think, that it is better to act normally, as nothing ever happened, and stay like a friend with your partner. Both of this reactions is a typical way to hide a pain and their real feelings. Then after some time, they realize what they have lost, and usually, they start to cry.

Men have fewer friends


One of the reasons women get over the breakup faster is that they have a lot more friends they can rely on and talk to. Studies have shown that men love relationships see as emotional, as well as social connection. While most of the women tell their mom, sister, friend or even a hairdresser, what kind of idiot he was, men usually stay calm and try to convince themselves, that they are not upset.

Men do not like to start things all over again


After the breakup, men are excited and can’t wait to meet new girls. But after the first, second or third date they realize that it is going to need a lot to reach that level of comfort that they had with their previous partner. Most of them now realize how happy they were with their ex, while in the meantime they have already turned over a new leaf.

On the other hand most of the women the toughest effects of the breakups immediately after it, with enormous amounts of emotional and physical pain. Simply women invest a lot more into the relationships that men, the short romantic meeting could lead to 9 months of pregnancy, while the man can turn around within a few minutes, and never come back. That encouraged women to be more careful when it comes to choosing their partners. As I mentioned before, women have a lot more people, which they can tell how they feel in the moment, so they have very big support, and for them, it is a lot easier to get over the breakup. Despite all of that it is not easy for women, most of them after the breakup, have troubles with sleep, and in most cases, it is difficult for them to stay fit.

When we compare the behavior of men and women after relationship, women are most likely to get over breakup faster.

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