What is women’s biggest turn offs

Dating can be quite challenging for women, especially for women beyond the age of twenty-five. It actually becomes more and more difficult to date the older one gets. There are various things that turn women off from varying aspects.

Forming a serious relationship with someone can be quite difficult. A woman wants to find a person with similar qualities as well as someone who shares the same principles. A real turn off for women is dating a man who does not share their values. It becomes very frustrating because one has to decide whether or not to just accept the situation or to adjust their values. More often than not women decide to end such relationships.


Women have various likes and dislike towards relationships. Some like to go public with their relationships as soon as they get into one. Others like to give it more time. It can be quite the turn off when a man does not consider a woman’s preference towards how long they want to keep it private.

What is love? That is quite a complex concept. According to Merriam-Webster’s student dictionary, love is an attraction based on sexual desire; the strong affection and tenderness felt by lovers. Simply put, it is a strong feeling of love and affection towards a lover. Women are often turned off by having to second guess a man’s love. Women enjoy loving gestures both grand and small such as buying flowers or planning a surprise date. Forced love can be difficult for either gender. Some women stay in relationships for all the wrong reasons. More often than not women stay out of pity or desperation. This is a big turn off and basically makes the relationship a burden.

Many algorithms have been created to find an ideal match for anyone who is willing to answer a couple of questions about themselves. A big turn off for women is being incompatible with their partner. It leads to a lot of frustration which makes the relationship difficult.


When stepping into the dating pool a woman ought to consider what she actually wants in a man. She should have some sort of idea of what she wants. She’s allowed to go all out. Tall, dark and handsome, financially stable, and sensitive. Then make expectations more realistic by slightly lowering the bar.

People often speak of wanting to spend the rest of their lives with their soul mates. Soul mates are people that are destined to be with us. These people are supposed to accompany us throughout the rest of our lives. A big turn off for women is being forced to be a man’s soul mate. Nothing is more irritating than a man who a woman has absolutely no interest in insisting that she is his soul mate. Being one’s soul mate should come naturally. Nothing in this life should be forced, especially love.

Consequently, I believe that if men take what turns women off into consideration, many more fruitful relationships can be forged.

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