Zoosk dating app review

In the new social world: online transactions, online banking, dating sites, ordering purchases has now become a common aspect of everyone’s life. Now, there are loads of options for connecting with someone who is miles away from us. Love is just away from a swipe, and things start to fall accordingly.


Zoosk is an online dating app or dating site available in 25 different languages and active in 80 different countries. The company says that over 40 million across the world connects to this service. This dating site or application promises the easily uses and practicality in the singles world.

Zoosk was launched in December 2007 and it’s co-founders, Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, were the company’s original CEO. Zoosk works through “Behavioral Matchmaking” algorithm and functions which delivers the matches through their user-choice. Zoosk has an IOS, Android, and a desktop chat server. Zoosk uses big data algorithm technology recommendations that help to interact users with the virtual world.

The accounts you’re seeking, liking, favorite at, it fills the service with your choice and those matches comes in your list of preference. The primary split of the two genders for Zoosk lies in the percentage ratio of 49 males and 52 females people and their respective ages 23 and 24 varies from the range of 20 to 93 who use the application every day. People try to get a match in the virtual world where they have always dream of their perfect soul mate.


Zoosk has an online feature and browser search which allows a panel of a person which will enable through the monthly subscription. Rather than a less targeting of people, Zoosk opens a possibility of and a range of options for dating. The overall reason for its subscription is you can get a plenty of options for yourself, i.e you can get what you want. Zoosk is currently at the forefront of innovation, it works really hard about enhancing online dating and taking it to the next level of user-friendly experience with their contrasting feature.


The quality of authenticity is a symbol in Zoosk where it offers a picture verification service to the members, and a green photo verified badge appears over your profile when Zoosk reviews your photo and a video submission.


Reviews over Zoosk: Zoosk boast millions of users, which is as true as it speaks, Zoosk fails to show how many members among those million members actually active. It still shows up years after you are gone. In the real world, there are a small percentage of people over the online dating site Zoosk are current, active members. The rest are dead profiles. Zoosk even uses their paid feature boost in these dead profiles, which needs an active profile to activate this service. Most of the female profile is inactive or fake profiles, you will get auto responses from many of them after you send them a message. There are more negative reviews about this side and some of them have fine print and cancellation party. Zoosk has a great design and a unique platform which makes it easy to use and interact with another world.


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