How to make him want only you

Today’s world as compared to the olden days perspective of dating has changed a lot. In today’s society dating someone creates more room for intimacy and knowing each other better as opposed to the olden days where parents used to escort their children to dates hindering that connection between the two dating parties.

In today’s world dating is a competition where you have to impress the one you love before another person shows you how it is done. The question is how do I keep him only for me and no one else how do I make him committed to me?


Being independent, successful and busy make men fall for you. Why? Men tend to want women who can fend for themselves instead of depending on them always. Being busy attracts them to you more and just getting a hold of your attention is an achievement to them. They tend to struggle to get their attention rather than someone who always has time for them. You should give men a little space to miss you the more. You should not always be available to them.


Women should always give time to building up strong emotional connection before engaging in sex. I tend to think that people take sex so casually that if men feel like having sex women just give it to them without that intimate feeling.

Dating people should start first by connecting such that kisses come so naturally, romancing comes so naturally when you should both want it to happen not when one partner is horny and wants to get some sugar from you.


Good relationships are built on natural connections where things just flow rather than forcing things into the relationship. Natural connection natural romancing natural sex.

Giving your partner attention and affection is a sign of true love. People always ask what is this true love that everyone asks for or asks about. True love is that feeling that you have that wouldn’t allow you to see your significant other in pain or problem in my perspective. Men feel good when they are given adequate attention by their women. This is a sign that they truly love them.

I conquer with the fact that during dating we should not try to control our men rather we should give them a sense of independence and understanding. We should let them decide on what they feel like doing. Controlling men makes them feel suppressed, stressed and that they are in the wrong place.

Insecurity is the worst enemy of a relationship. It takes place due to his past experiences with other girls. Insecurity causes lack of trust in a relationship. This lack of trust brings about unhealthy and destructive arguments in a relationship which later leads to breakups.

We should always keep in mind that dating doesn’t just happen naturally you have to go through a process to reach to the right person and that right person doesn’t come if you didn’t have your heart broken a couple of times. Men can just be happy with you.

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