Signs he only wants to hook up with you

Love and hookup are works of different dimensions. They can never be the same. Some of us look at some behavior of a boy and fall in love with him unknowingly. But from his side, you are just another member of his hookup list. And this ends up with tears, cheats, and heartbreaks.

But how do you know if he is hooking up with you? Or how do you know if he really wants you to be a part of his life? Let’s find out!

1. He will always compliment your looks


From the beginning, the point of his attraction will be your looks. He will always compliment your look, your dress, your body. For example, he will not say that you are looking beautiful. Instead, he will look in your skirt or your shirt and say that “This shirt/skirt is looking good on you”. He is not in love with your personality rather just in love with your looks. Get the point girls!

2. He will offer you drinks


Most of the time whenever you are dating he will tend to offer you a drink. Because this will make his hooking up way easier. He will want you to have a drink with him so that you loosen up a bit and he can take the advantage! After hooking up, he will say that, “Shit! We were so drunk!” Get this noted.

3. He will stare at you with a thirsty or attractive looks



Most of the time while dating casually you will catch him looking at your lips or your body. This is a clear sign of what he really wants. When he is so attracted to your body, he may unknowingly, but surely give you “that look”.

4. He will try to get you into intimate chat

While chatting at night about random topics, he will try to drag you into intimate topics. Like he will ask you about the nighty you are wearing or he can even ask about your size (if he is that desperate about hooking up with you). Or he can tell you suddenly that you looked so hot today.

5. He will try to make you laugh


He will try to crack jokes so that you laugh. And girls are naturally attracted to boys with a good sense of humor. He will tease you in small things and you will definitely find that funny. He will try to make sure that you are comfortable with him so that you don’t react much when he becomes touchy.

6. He will try to stay alone with you as much as he can


When you are with him alone, his chances of hooking up will rise. So he will want you to stay alone with him. He may say while you are leaving, “Let’s stay in the car for sometimes and talk”. If that happens don’t think that he is cute at once. He may want his chances to increase to get you hooked up.

Girls! If you really like spending time with someone, have some patience and try to understand how he really wants you to be. Don’t be foolish and let anyone play with your feelings. Please keep in mind these things above and don’t get your heartbreak.


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