How to get your ex back in 5 steps?

Have you recently cut off the relationship with your girlfriend/ boyfriend? Are you feeling hopeless now and thinking that getting him/her back is impossible? You know, getting your relationship back is much easier than what you imagine. You want to know how? Follow the next steps:

Take some time


It is so important to have that time for yourself. You should think again about your relationship. How much was this relationship healthy and happy? What were the most problems you have to pear? Think about the break off: who caused it, was it sudden or previously arranged, was it for a certain reason or problem. Think about how you feel and determine your needs. This period of analysis would help you know your real needs so, what your next step would be. See more

Apply the no-contact period


You think this is against your target? Well, no. Actually, this time would be a test to your feelings and know whether or not you really miss your ex want him/her back or not. You would watch how is your life without him and did it change into better or not. This would also be a chance for your ex to rethink again about the break off and determine his real feelings towards you. This period does not have to be too long or too short. A month would probably be enough.

Let it be a self-developing period


You ought to pay some effort for self-development. Try to make more value changes in your life. Give more care to your appearance, gain some good and healthy habits and get rid of other bad ones. Give more interest to your hobbies and social activity. Think of the best things your ex loved in you and how you could improve it. Think of your bad habits he/ she did not like and how could you change it. Actually, this period is not related to getting ex back more than it is related to you. You should know how to get happiness yourself and not to connect it with anyone no matter who. You have to know how to take care of yourself for yourself, not for anyone else.

Get your friendship back


you almost had started friends before your relationship went deeper. If you want to get this relationship back, you have to start from the start. Try to rebuild trust and respect between you and your ex. Try to understand each other and your needs but never ever try to beg him/her to get back to you. Try to make nice times and good memories without forming a load on him/her.

Choose the right time

When you feel this time, ask your ex to get back with your promises to refix this relationship and try to make better than before.

Finally, you should learn from this lesson and make your experience a push in your future relationship. Yes, it is easy to get your ex back but it is easier to leave you again. So, it is not all about getting ex back but also about keeping him/her forever.

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