How to break up peacefully

Love should be a mutual feeling to the people who claim to be in love relationship. At times the attraction that existed seem to fade away, this leads to one of the partners to let it go. As they say, holding on might be more hurting than letting it go. Thus need for a breakup. Some end of love could be a little messy, but it doesn’t have to be ugly. The love relationship can be ended in an adult manner. Is your love for her or him seem to have taken another turn of direction and you just want to give him/her space? Consider the following: being sure when the passion, needs, and desires of the individuals in love change, there is a need to end the relationship. One must be very sure and clear about the decision to break up to make sure no chance for regret.


Mind break up

End the relationship in mind before the actual one. People tend to hold on a love relationship when they remember the positive side of their partner and of the relationship. In mind focus on the negative side to effectively and the relationship.

Being strict

In some relationship people tend to get used to the little breakup but when it’s time to let go, try to be kind and respectful by creating distance and strict boundaries.

Evaluate the value

Are the person, love, and relationship still valuable? You as a person can decide on that. If the answer is yes, it is time to end the relationship.

Breaking up

1. End the relationship in person, face to face enable the other person to identify the seriousness without much hurting through the text.

2. Choose the right time to let go of your love relationship. You don’t want to pop the question at the dinner that will let both of you unable to stomach the nice food served. Try to do it in the evening.

3.A perfect venue to declare your decision matters. The too much-crowded place is not advisable as might be a little messy and violent. A private place could lead to an undecided end of the relationship.

4. It could be tempting for some people to be under the influence of drugs for them to be able to end the relationship. Respectful try to calm yourself after being sure and pop the question with no chance of changing your mind.

5.Time to be honest right? Tell him/ her the shortcomings that made you make the decision. This could good for the next person in their life to make them learn from their mistakes as much as you want to let them go.

6. End the relationship in good terms. You don’t want to create enemies every time you break up with a person.

7. After the end of a relationship, how about we cut all the connections we had. Love has ended then time to cut all connections. The delete contacts, block on Facebook, avoid following them on Instagram and delete all the texts. How about checking up on him/her? Avoid the pity and move on.


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