Things women should know before hookup

It’s 2018, hookups and no strings attached relationships have becomes the nor. If you’re a woman with your education and career to focus on then a relationship or dating might not be right for you. However, a lot of women enter into flings without taking into consideration their safety, health and their as well as potential partners expectations. Knowing these things can make or break a hookup so here are 5 things that you should know before diving into a hookup.

  1. Don’t hookup for love


You might meet the person that pushes all the right buttons, is great in the sack and gives you a time you’ll never forget but understand that it’s not meant to last. Your partner may be amazing but are likely themselves not looking to become attached. Worse yet if you’re looking for love or a new relationship and your partner isn’t then it’s likely that you may end up getting hurt. So make sure when you’re hooking up to do it for the right reason.

  1. Where it will go down


It’s true you can get lost in the moment when you want to just dive under the sack but knowing where you will get your groove on is important for your safety. Unlike dating or being in a committed relationship you where you and your partner might usually do it where it’s safe; a hookup might not be like that. So make sure you at least have an idea of where your partner is taking you before you go anywhere with them.

  1. A hookup shouldn’t be your first time


If you’re getting troubled or feeling awkward for having never done it then a hookup, though expedient, should not be the way to go about your first time. Your first time is special and you can only do it once. You do not want your first time to be with a partner that gives you a bad experience and negatively affect your perception of something that can be really beautiful. Therefore if you have to do it with a loving partner in a relationship.

  1. Keep it casual, but safe


Don’t go into a hookup expecting to get to know your partner. A hookup should be casual, passionate and steamy. If you suddenly start to bring up what their childhood is like then you might not be able to maintain the air of eroticism you need to get naughty in the sack. However, you need to at least know their first and last name plus where they are from just in case.

  1. What your friends think

Often your friends can see things that you can’t. They might see something shady in your partner that you might otherwise miss. Your friends might see that you may not be in a state to consent or that where you’re going to be taken might not be safe. Remember your friends are there to protect you and only want to see the best for you so listen to their advice.

In modern times, dating and relationships have gotten very complicated with hookups becoming a common experience to satisfy many people’s sex lives. It is truly an experience that anyone can partake in and find fulfillment. However, you must know what you’re getting into so you can have the best hookup experience possible.

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