Smart advice from smart women for men at first date

We all know the old saying that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” comes to life when it comes to dating. Women and men are programmed differently and it’s particularly clear in what they choose when they want to date. Going on a date with the desired women can seem like walking on a tightrope. Many guys end up making the same mistakes when they try to impress their date and there isn’t much leeway to mess up on a first date if he is looking for a future relationship. There are millions of questions that can spin in a man’s head when preparing for a first date, even more questions during the date and endless questions when the date is over. First impressions are key to finding your match and in your quest for a soulmate. It is a common truth that men will chase a goal that they feel is unattainable and this applies strongly to a woman they find attractive. Lots of studies have been carried out in an effort to help powerless men conquer the quest of this tricky business of dating. There are hundreds of people each with their own clever advice and below are a few of these constructive propositions for men to follow on their first dates.

Firstly, and probably the most key thing is to be normal. In other words, do not be weird. No one fancies a weird guy on their first date. All that stuff that you would do with your friends, do not do that on your date. Please do not show women your double-jointed talents. There is lots of time for that in the relationship that will follow if you nail this first date.


Next is the thorny sphere of money. Do not be cheap. Although there is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal, some men do not know how not to cross the line. Frugal is when a man takes a woman on a lunch date but when a man is cheap then he will discourage her from ordering dessert. Not all women look for a millionaire in their relationship, but women do not look for a cheap man as their soulmate. If you want to make a good impression then take her to a place where you can afford even the dessert. Moreover, try something different like a good hiking trail, which may even be free, instead of a regular dinner date. Make sure you are comfortable in doing such adventurous things before you embarrass yourself and fail dismally.


Keeping a good conversation going is obviously the principal objective on a date. Do not feel the need to blabber on if you have nothing to say, although nerves tend to grab your intelligence when you are on a first date. Rather engage in a favorable chat about herself. Ask general questions about herself such as her hobbies. Try not to ask too many detailed questions that may come across as creepy, such as her history with men. If you are a man of great accomplishments then your first date is not the time to boast about them, this may take her bored and make you seem self-centered. Refrain from over complimenting her as well, this too may come across as grotesque.


After sailing through your first date and being the cool, honorable man that you want your future soulmate to see you as there are certain rituals that the lady wants you to carry out. We all know that she will be waiting for you to contact her, appropriately, in the right time frame. A man seeking a woman does not end his chase after the first date, a man seeking women will follow up correctly. Do not just say that you will call her and does not. Call her back within a few days and give positive feedback on the date, even if you know there is no intention of a second date. As we all know, women never keep things to themselves and there is always a female friend who she lets in on all her secrets, it is a wise idea to get feedback from that female friend on how the date went. Take it with a pinch of salt because all women gossip and may choose to stay loyal to their friend.

Now that you have practical advice, all that is left is to take a deep breathe and go on that date that you have lined up.

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