Most popular dating apps 2018

If you’re looking for love, a relationship, a date, or a hookup you’ve probably been on a dating site or used a dating app. I mean this is the 21st century after all and who in their right mind has the time to go meet someone in person when there are almost infinite shows to watch on Netflix, work to be done, and god knows what else to do. But let’s say you haven’t used a dating app before, and you’re interested in joining one, here are some of the basics for some of the most popular dating apps.

The Titan of dating apps is without a doubt, Tinder. Appropriate for all dating ranges and all conventional sexual preferences then Tinder has someone for you. It’s a simple set up, just a phone number, a few pics (preferably your own) and a short bio about yourself, that’s it. You get shown people, hopefully single, in your area who are signed up and match your inputted preference. Here you can see their bio and the pics they uploaded, and that’s it. If you like what you see you can either swipe right or hit the like button. If you don’t like what you see, you can swipe left or hit the red x at the bottom. If they like you back, which assuming you are reasonably photogenic and don’t have a weird bio shouldn’t be too hard, you’ll be able to start chatting to them via an in-app messenger.


Similar to Tinder there is Grindr, though Grindr focuses exclusively on the GBTQ community the L is left out because it’s an app for men. Originally its purpose was to do everything from find love to hookup, but nowadays if leans far more to the latter point. If you’re a GBTQ member and decide you want to hookup Grindr is for you.


Say you want a committed long lasting relationship, the best apps to use are probably OkCupid and match both fully functioning sites but have dating apps that let you take personality quizzes and get percentage match with others. It’s a great way to find someone, but keep in mind that it may take awhile to find someone. Also be especially aware of cat phishing on apps like these.


The last one to talk about as a top dating app is Bumble. Bumble is geared towards a woman making a choice. It works much in the same way as Tinder, but here the female has to message first in order for a chat to start. It’s nice especially for females who are new to dating apps as it gives them control along with being nice for males who don’t want to have to try to impress with an opening line.

There are a ton of dating apps out there. These are just some of the best and most popular. If you are looking for something, there is an app out there for you and for every need you could have. Don’t be afraid to look for an app for a niche market either, those exist too.

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